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NOVEMBER 8, 2019

Aviation emissions' impacts on air quality larger than on climate, study finds

by Institute of Physics

New research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has quantified the climate and air quality impacts of aviation, broken down by emission type, altitude and location.  For more information, please click here - https://phys.org/news/2019-11-aviation-emissions-impacts-air-quality.html?fbclid=IwAR331Qz9Bf0e_OCX9UY2Hon5lnm29b0MZ8jka0AcoORrXmsnLLZLFvBDK64


Protecting Forests is as Important as Cutting Emissions

The UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is due to meet in South Korea in October, and 40 scientists from 5 different countries have issued a statement warning that to stop deforestation is as urgent as ending the world's dependence on fossil fuels. 

They say "We must protect and maintain healthy forests to avoid dangerous climate change and to ensure the world's forests continue to provide services critical for the well-being of the planet and ourselves.  Our message as scientists is simple: Our planet's future climate is inextricably tied to the future of its forest."

This photo was taken in Speke Hall Woods by AJ Davies and the Dam Wood and Grace's Wood which were lost to Speke when the airport moved to it's current site next to Oglet, would have looked like this.  

Those woods were never replaced.  Now we risk losing the few trees left on the south side.


Farming Near Footpaths


Farmers are required by law to leave a 2 metre gap from the edge of a cliff where a footpath is located.  For further information, please visit this site - 


Peel Holdings and Sub Companies


Mayoral Green and Open Spaces Report

"In 2014 the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson asked the Strategic Green and Open Spaces Review Board to look at ways to help Liverpool keep its many and diverse green and open spaces. The Review was independently chaired by Simon O’Brien and supported by a Board of local authority Councillors and Officers, and members of the wider academic and third sector communities.

“The Chair (Simon OBrien) agrees with the vast majority of the public submissions that there continues to be scant regard to well purposed public open space when it comes to planning applications and those granted within Liverpool.

"The loss of public or private fields within the urban landscape may be at times inevitable but there has been a perceived lack of forethought historically with regards to replacement of such space where there is often little alternative provision of any replacement green space.

"This approach infuriates local communities and leaves them wondering ‘where did the money go?’

"Such examples of poor decisions past and present are littered across the city:

• Speke: A community where a significant proportion of its green space, large and small, has been lost in recent years and is still waiting for improvements and replenishment of other green space."

​The report was released in 2016. 

Why, in 2018 we are still fighting new attacks on our 'diverse green and open spaces.'?


City Council Buys Big Slice of Airport

15 March 2016

'Liverpool city council has bought a stake in John Lennon Airport, but refuses to say how much its spent on the deal.

'Mayor Anderson said: “John Lennon Airport delivers a huge economic boost for the city region, employing thousands of people directly and indirectly.

“It is the gateway to the city from many destinations and it is absolutely vital that it continues to grow, create more jobs, boost economic growth and develop tourism. This opportunity to play a more active part in its future expansion and success makes it a sound investment for the city council.

'The announcement of the deal today comes just weeks after it was disclosed that the airport’s highly promoted “gateway to the world”, a link to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport from Flybe, is being ditched because of low numbers.'


Airport Applies for Planning Permission

Help us by sending your opposition

Please put in a complaint against the airport's planning application to put a solar farm on the field on Hale Road/Dungeon Lane. These are some of the reasons why we feel this should not go ahead.

We believe this application is part of the airport plans to take the greenbelt designation off, not only this field, but also Oglet as a whole.

We believe the solar farm plan is purely their way of convincing the council to release the field, ready for their totally unnecessary runway extension. The runway will increase noise and pollution to an already heavily polluted area as Speke is in the top 3 areas of Liverpool for air pollution, and Liverpool is in the top ten cities not meeting government levels for air quality.

We also believe there are other places the solar farm could have gone, including the Dunlops' Sports field which they bought from Liverpool City Council despite strong local opposition. That field is included in their search for suitable sites but considered unsuitable because it is a 'well established, recreational resource for the local community and the loss of it could not be compensated in the immediate locality'. This is clearly well out of date as they have since gone on to buy it, draw up plans for it, reconsider it, advertise it and sell it.

Their claims the field is used for fly tipping and has rubbish throughout it is not true and is proven by their own 50+ photos of the field showing litter in only 1 picture.

The field is also within SSSI Impact Zone and should be protected so we will be asking Natural England, who the airport say they are consulting, to ask for their support.

The planning application refers to the inclusion of their expansion plans in the Liverpool Local Plan and gives the impression this will all be accepted into the final plan. The final stage of the inquiry has not yet taken place and many objections to their plans have been sent to LCC and are yet to be heard in full.

The approval of this application will result in the closure of Dungeon Lane permanently as the airport intend to dig it up beyond Viscount Drive (the road to Keenair and the other firms using the Business Aviation Centre) meaning a huge process would have to take place if we ever got permission to open it up again, although once closed, this is highly unlikely anyway.

Please help us stop this latest plan by the airport to take our greenbelt from us and stop us accessing the shore in Speke.

Thank you for all your support. <3


Case Number 18/00513/FUL

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